Carved Mountain on exterior of mug with shiny glazed surface.
Large Mountain Mug
Carved Mountian surface with Shiny glazed surface.
Small Mountain Mug
Carved Ferns on outside of Cup with Shiny Glaze on intorior and a silicone Lid.
To Go Cup
Speckled Clay Juicer with clear shiny glaze on interior.
Speckled Clay with shiny clear glaze on interior and over lip of cup.
Stein w/Blue Handle
Thrown on the Wheel these mugs are hand carved and painted so each one is unique and may vary slightly from the image.
Aspen Mug
'Face It With a Grin' Mug, is wheel thrown and hand painted. Speckled Clay with painted bands of color and shiny glaze on the lip of the mug as well as the interior.
Face It With a Grin
Ceramic Segments on Wood Panel.
Two, 25 x 25cm
'Let the Sun Shine In' Mugs are wheel thrown in a speckled clay. Each mug is hand painted with bands of sunny colors. The lip and the interior are glazed with a clear shiny glaze.
Let the Sun Shine In