Same Old, Same Old

Same Old, Same Old is an installation/performance that took place at the Eatons Center for Art Souterrain 2012 which was part of Nuit Blanch in Montreal.

Then Installation took 4 hours to roll out the clay into a 8' x 8' slab and 10 boxes of clay. The slab was then walked on ultimately recording the actions of the space. I then removed the clay tiles, fired them and re-installed them as finished fired ceramic tiles.

The passage from life to art… The objects and spaces that are part of our daily lives are the silent witnesses that absorb our memories. Through their use and presence, they become symbols of our lives. With Same Old, Same Old, I want to use clay to pick up the actions of the space, establishing a new relationship between the space and the passerby.

Art Souterrain, Montreal Quebec, 2012

Same Old - Detail